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Sound Off! Music For Bail: January 16th, 2021 (7pm EST) 

Sound Off: Music for Bail is a dynamic collective of musicians, activists, and thinkers dedicated to raising money for bail funds across the country, rethinking notions of public safety as they relate to real-life communities, and playing great music.

 Bassists Kebra-Seyoun Charles, Byron Crenshaw, and Maggie Cox will perform three works for the instrument written under the auspices of BPBC's commissioning program: "[WRECK]oning" by Mason Bynes, "yung perseverent spirit" by Byron Crenshaw, and "everythingfeelsthesame" by Sarian Sankoh.

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Let It Be New: Cincinnati Song Initiative 

In its largest commissioning project to date, Cincinnati Song Initiative will commission a single song from each of the ten composers taking part in the inaugural National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS) composer mentorship program. The songs will be produced in a concert video and premiered as CSI’s season finale, celebrating the work of BIPOC composers and providing an international platform for their works to be heard.

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