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University of North Texas College of Music Spring 2021 Commencement Ceremony 

Mason joins Dean John Richmond and faculty in celebrating the class of 2021 as the keynote speaker. 

The Intersections of Music and Food -- Master's Thesis 2021

Recipe and score; ingredients and instrumentation; cookbooks and masterworks- these items are comparatively different, but share a similarity in the way they are created. Music and food share a history that isn’t explicitly detailed. Rather, it is shown through context clues- hidden in iconography, fables and treatises. The music of this recital is inspired by the music we make while cooking. Listeners are invited to enjoy a virtual and immersive listening experience that combines sound design and original music composed for acoustic performance.

"The Power and Beauty of Process" -- 2021 Master Class

In collaboration with Bass Players for Black Composers, Mason delivers a master class discussing the ways in which she finds power and beauty in her processes as an artist.

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